Welcome to Australia

More than 100,000 people arrive in Australia each year to begin a new chapter of their lives as migrants or expatriates. Australia is widely regarded as a destination of choice – a land of diversity and culture, sunshine, beaches and picture-perfect landscapes. Accepting and welcoming, Australians’ easy-going nature has made many a newcomer’s transition to their new lives a little bit easier.

The clichéd view of Australia as a land of beaches and beer and fun in the sun, has more than an element of truth to it, but alongside this is a country that has worked hard to earn it’s place in a global economy. Our major cities rank high in world comparison reports on livable cities, most notably Melbourne, voted the winner in October 2002 by London-based consultancy, the Economist Intelligence Unit in a survey of 130 cities. Clean and safe, Australia is a great place to raise children, with excellent and varied education choices, world class entertainment, and best of all, parks, beaches, pools, walking and bike tracks.

It’s therefore not surprising that there are so many applications for migrants to move to Australia. Waiting for your visa can seem interminable when you have made the decision to move. Now you can spend that time planning your future with the help of this book!

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